I started this blog mainly as expression of gratitude to the members of my team – frontliners  in Montenegro and Serbia, who work hard every day and give their best to make our customers happy in spite of all the challenges they face.

It is tailored for salesmen, for leaders on all levels, for those who wish to become leaders and members of our team, as well as for all the people who would like to learn and develop professionaly. It is tailored for both frontliners and support teams. Through this blog, I wish to share my experience in sales and leadership I gained over many years, my thoughts about past and present, about proven methods and new trends.

Your energy, dedication and passion, make me enjoy my job. Thank  you for your approach, which made me start this blog. Thank you for following me.

I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to my HR partner Predrag Zlatković, who gave me the idea to start this blog about a year ago

In my case, since a whole year passed from the initial idea to the start of this blog took – i owe special gratitude to my sister, Ana Milutinović, who made this blog and gave it to me as a Christmas present

As always, I will end this brief introduction with a greeting

Long live Retail !